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Every now and again I’ll think about the people who have the biggest impact on my life.  I can guarantee that some of them don’t even realize what impact they have on me.  I’ve never told them and they would probably never even suspect that I learned the things from them that I have.  And that’s what is ironic to me – that often times the people who have significant impacts on our lives never even realize it.  But that’s also the beauty of it as well – that the way you are could significantly impact someone’s life.  Just by being you and just by living your life.  That is why it is so important to always make sure that you’re striving to be your best.  You never quite know when or how you are impacting the people around you.  Best bet is to always be on top of your game.  The way you are could give someone the strength and courage to overcome their own personal struggles.

For me, there have been a number of really important people who have taught me many lessons – from friends to family to significant others.  I could share with you probably hundreds of moments that I have filed away in my mind.  And while there are many people who, in being in my life, have helped me to become who I am, there are two that have impacted me in ways that words could never describe.

I very often search out the thoughts and opinions and perspectives of experienced people.  The ones who have been there and done that.  The ones who have been through everything I have ever felt ten times over.  But the one thing I’ve learned is that sometimes you don’t need words.  You don’t need opinions.  You don’t need perspective.  You just need a simple connection.  A connection that I’ve only ever felt with two people (there really is a third but I digress).  If I could explain it, I would.  But it’s something you just have to experience.  They are moments that make you realize that pretty much nothing you’ve ever worried about matters.

To the two little people who have taught me so much without ever saying a word… thank you.

Happy Wednesday!



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  1. Jick on

    All of your posts are great – but this one made me cry! so sweet and so true.

    Love you – we’re gonna miss you!

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