Do You Want It This Bad?

I could make a few different comments about the posted video this week, but I’ll stick with the most obvious.

It’s about focus.

It’s about work ethic.

It’s about wanting it more.

It’s about stopping at nothing until you get what you want.

It’s that fire that burns inside of you that continues to burn no matter what happens.

And you have to listen to that internal fire.  You have to block out everything else around you and let that fire fuel your life.  The man in this video is letting his fire light his way towards a clearly defined goal.  That goal is also very important to have.  Without that vision or goal, you’re just throwing darts in the dark.  You’re navigating a ship at night with no compass and no map.

Sometimes it takes time to define your vision.  But you have to continue to be your best day in and day out and believe that if you do the right things and you are the best person that you can possibly be every day, in every moment, at every opportunity that you are presented with, then you will find your way and you will become your vision.

Be more concerned with where you’re going then with where you’re at.

Let your fire burn.

Never give up.

Happy Wednesday!


2 comments so far

  1. mimi on

    A good one Chad like always. “never, never, never give up”!

  2. Douglas on

    Awesome video. Extinguishes all of one’s personal excuses.

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