The $10,000 Part Of Your Day

What is the most important part of your day?

Give yourself a few seconds to honestly think about this question.

Does it depend on the day?  The week?  The month?  Or the year?  Is it the part during your big meeting?  Is it the part during your big presentation?  Is it the part during your big date?  Does the most important part of your day change?  Do you even have a most important part of your day?!

If you’re lost here’s your answer:

The most important part of your day is the first 20 minutes after you wake up.


Because how you start your day sets the tone for the rest of your day.  Starting your day off right prepares you both mentally and physically to face your challenges with a clear mind.  It also prepares you to be at your best for everything you do and everyone you interact with.  Have you ever noticed that if your day gets off to a bad start, that feeling just seems to fester the rest of the day?  You may feel like your just drifting through the day – you’re less focused and less productive.  Compare that with a day that gets off to a great start.  Big difference, right?

Most people wake up and just start running at 100 mph because that’s what you have to do to get everything done, but you never take stock in what you actually want to accomplish that day.  And you never put yourself in the right mindset to accomplish those things.  You just start going and hope that you get everything you need to get done, done.  But you never do, do you?  And why do you think that is?  I’ll tell you why.  It’s because you never prepared for the day.  You never had a purpose, a goal, or a direction for what the hell you were doing.  You just woke up and started going, but unfortunately you didn’t have a clear vision of where it is that you wanted to end up.  That is a big problem.  It is probably why you often hear people say, “life goes fast!” or “where did the last three years go?” or “I don’t know how I gained all this weight!” or “oh, what I would do to be in my twenties again!”

All of those statements tell me one thing – you never prepared for the days, weeks, months and years of your life and subsequently it all just drifted right by you.  Now you look back in bewilderment as you try to piece together a puzzle that was created in the dark.

How you start has everything to do with how you will finish.  So start your days right.  Wake up 20 minutes earlier and have time to sit in a quiet place and prepare for your day.  Here are five ways you can do this:

  1. Read a positive, thought-provoking quote and then figure out how you will apply it to your life for the day.
  2. Write out your action list for the day then go back and number each item from most important to least important.  Start with number one.
  3. Listen to music and just zone out.  Put on your favorite song that will help you relax then just space out for a little bit.  Let your mind drift and not focus on anything in particular.  It’s sort of like meditation but personal experience has taught me that listening to a good song on repeat does more than sitting in silence.
  4. Read a few pages of a book that will improve your mindset.  I created a short list HERE of recommended books to read.
  5. Write freely.  Open up a word document and just start writing.  Get everything on your mind out on digital paper.  It doesn’t matter what comes out or what it sounds like or how many grammatical errors you make.  Just write.  Done with consistency you will be amazed at how clear your mind will become and how much better you will get at finding solutions to life’s obstacles.

Pick one of those action items and start making a 20-minute, $10,000 investment in yourself today.  It’s an investment that will always have a positive return.

Happy Wednesday!


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