Even With Cancer, Life Goes On…

It’s all about mindset.  Your attitude will often dictate outcomes.  I’m often reminded of a story about someone who I consider a great mentor and business friend, Alwyn Cosgrove.  This story has to do with his battle with cancer.

Throughout the number of times I’ve spoken to him or attended his seminars, he’s talked many times about adversity, mindset and staying focused on achieving your goals.  Why?  Because shit happens.  Sometimes really shitty stuff happens.  Like you get cancer.  But life has no mercy.  Life won’t wait.  Life won’t pay your bills.  And life offers no helping hand.  I remember him saying one time that if it weren’t for cancer he may never have taken the time to create a system for how he designs fitness training programs, and subsequently, he may not have been able to grow his business the way that he has.  That really stuck with me.  During a time when most people would probably be thinking, “how did this happen to me?”, he was focused on doing what he did every day – improve his business and life.  He had cancer but he was still alive.  At the end of the day nothing had really changed.  Cancer, or no cancer, there were still goals to be reached and mountains to climb.

He could have easily given up on it and said, “I have cancer and the last thing that matters right now is my business.”  But he didn’t.  There was always a goal.  Always something he needed to get done and make better.  So even during a horrible situation he was able to do something to improve his business and eventually make himself more successful.  I really wonder if being this focused allows you to get past things that seem, otherwise, impossible to overcome.

The same could be said for Merril Hoge.  His story is also an amazing one.  His battle with cancer and the mindset he had and the focus he had and the determination he had to find a way to beat it.  It makes any problems we have look pretty small when you stack them up against these battles.

We should learn from them.  We should realize that shit happens to everyone.  No one’s life is perfect.  And pretty much everyone is guaranteed to have some pretty crappy shit happen to them at some point in their lives.  Feeling sorry for yourself will get you absolutely nowhere, except maybe into a worse situation.  On the other hand, staying focused on getting past tough times puts you on the offense and focuses your energy on overcoming your obstacles.

Nobody wants to think about it but how would you react if you got cancer?  What would you do?  Do you think you’re mentally strong enough to face it?  If this thought scares you, then have some work to do.

Remember, life doesn’t wait.  So don’t let it pass you by.  Make your life happen, don’t let life happen to you.  Whatever your problems, stop moping about them and start doing something to make your life better.  It only takes one small change to get the ball rolling.

If you don’t know where to begin, start by finding out how to become Mentally Resilient.

Happy Wednesday!


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