If You’ve Never Failed, You’ve Never Lived

If there’s anything you should be afraid of it’s not in succeeding but in never failing.  Chances are that if you’ve never failed then you’ve never taken any real chances.  You’ve probably never stepped outside of your comfort zone.  You’ve probably never tried to do something you never thought you could do.  And you’ve probably never felt what it feels like to truly be alive.  It’s easy to stay inside your comfortable circle – where you probably won’t get any worse but you will also never get any better.

If you’ve never failed then you’ve never tried.  And if you never try then why are you here?  Do something today that forces you out of you’re comfort zone and don’t be afraid to fail in the process.  You can start by watching the video below of people who had their fair share of failures before achieving success.


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  1. Nick on

    I do this every day…I try to speak Dutch. I usually fail, but I am at least to the point where people know what I mean for some things. It is a terrible feeling to be out of that “comfort zone,” but a great sense of accomplishment once that comfort zone is extended (does that make sense? haha)

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