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If You Want Something… Go Get It!

There’s nothing else to say.  If you want to achieve something figure out what you need to do to make it happen.  Realize that you will need to make some sacrifices along the way but that these sacrifices pale in comparison to what you will become when you achieve your dreams.



If You’ve Never Failed, You’ve Never Lived

If there’s anything you should be afraid of it’s not in succeeding but in never failing.  Chances are that if you’ve never failed then you’ve never taken any real chances.  You’ve probably never stepped outside of your comfort zone.  You’ve probably never tried to do something you never thought you could do.  And you’ve probably never felt what it feels like to truly be alive.  It’s easy to stay inside your comfortable circle – where you probably won’t get any worse but you will also never get any better.

If you’ve never failed then you’ve never tried.  And if you never try then why are you here?  Do something today that forces you out of you’re comfort zone and don’t be afraid to fail in the process.  You can start by watching the video below of people who had their fair share of failures before achieving success.


Put Your Oxygen Mask On First

You know when you’re on a flight and the flight attendant (or more likely the safety video) says to put your oxygen mask on first before assisting others with theirs?  This same principle relates to your everyday life.  You can’t expect to help others if you don’t first help yourself.

At first this may sound selfish, but if you dig a little deeper you will realize that it’s the furthest thing from it.  If anything, not thinking this way is selfish.

Every day you wake up you prepare for the day ahead.  You do what you need to do to take care of yourself so you are mentally, physically and emotionally centered.  When you actually begin interacting with family members, coworkers or even strangers on the street you are in the right mindset to deliver your best.  You are giving those around you the greatest gift you have to offer – the best person you can be.

If you commit to take care of yourself first you will be better prepared to help others around you.  So don’t be a afraid to put yourself first.  And don’t be afraid to help yourself be who you want to be before you help anyone else – the people who matter will understand and thank you.

You can start putting yourself first today by taking 15 minutes every morning to devote to something that helps you.  It could be writing in a journal, reading a few pages in a book, listening to music, planning out your action list for the day or it could be staring at the wall for 15 minutes.  It doesn’t matter what it is it only matters that it makes you better for yourself and subsequently better for those around you.


If You Could Achieve One Goal In 24 Hours

Don’t just watch the video.  Watch it and do what he says.  Otherwise, you will be one of the many people who says they know what they should do but for whatever reason just doesn’t do it.

Plus it’s a pretty cool little exercise.


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