Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.

Do you remember your college graduation?  I don’t remember much of mine except for being really hungover during it.  But I would venture to say if Steve Jobs spoke at my commencement I might have been a little more alert.  So God bless the internet for letting us experience commencements that are actually useful.

Amidst the three stories he tells in his speech there are some great things to take away.  Watch his speech below then you can read some of the key points I took from it highlighted below.

Story 1
There’s no “right” path.  You cannot connect the dots forward.  So what matters most is that you believe that the dots of your life will connect down the road.  This will give you the confidence to follow your heart even when it leads you off the beaten path.  In the end this will be what makes all the difference.

Story 2
Do something you love.  Realize that even if something devastating happens to you (like losing your job) it just might be the best thing to every happen to you… it just might take time to see it.  Be sure to keep your eyes peeled so you don’t miss it.

“Sometimes life’s gonna hit you in the head with a brick.  Don’t lose faith.  I’m convinced that the only thing that kept me going was that I loved what I did.  You’ve got to find what you love.  And that is as true for work as it is for your lovers.  Your work is going to fill a large part of your life.  And the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work.  And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.  If you haven’t found it yet keep looking and don’t settle.  As with all matters of the heart you’ll know when you find it.  And like any great relationship it just gets better and better as the years roll on.”

Story 3
If today was the last day of your life would you want to do what you’re about to do today?  If that answer is “No” too many days in a row it is time to change.  There is no reason to not follow your heart.

Stay hungry.  Stay foolish.


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  1. Nick on

    Great advice. More people really need to follow this. It’s a shame how many people I know that get through life by “settling…”

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