Scrawny To Brawny

“Of course, we appreciate this objection.  But in all honesty, this is the same objection that keeps people average in every walk of life.  Those individuals who “can’t imagine” working weekends won’t advance in their profession.  Those athletes who “can’t imagine” training 6 to 8 hours per day won’t become world class.  Those entrepreneurs who “can’t imagine” risking large financial losses with a big investment will never become financially independent.”

This quote comes from Scrawny To Brawny by Michael Mejia and John Berardi.  It struck a chord with me – partly because I’m in this field of work but also because of the message they are delivering.  This quote is their response to objections they receive about how much food they suggest skinny dudes should eat to achieve the body they desire.

Instead of listening to what will make them successful they object and make excuses for why it is too difficult to follow the diet Mike and John outline.  And that, my friend, is the biggest reason why only some people are successful… because it’s hard work and most people just don’t want to do it.

I see it every day.  I’m certain that you do too.

I see people who seem as though they are just going through the motions.


Content with their life.
Content with their job.
Content with being fat.
Content with making excuses.
Content with being average.
Content with playing it safe.
Content with doing just enough to get by.
Content with never taking a chance with the only life they’ve been given.


Maybe the issue is not with being content but rather with being lazy.  Too lazy to take any action to change their life for the better.

Are you?

Maybe it’s just me but do you ever feel like nobody has pride in what they do?  I don’t care if you’re a janitor or a doctor or you sell fireworks on the side of the road in Montana.  If you’re going to do something how do you not do it to the best of your ability?  Is this a cultural thing?  Is it America that is breeding a lazy society?  Don’t really know but let me ask you this… how happy was the cashier at your local grocery store the last time you checked out?  Personally, I can say that I have yet to experience a positive and engaging check-out at a grocery store in New Jersey and I’ve been here for over two years!  That is truly a sad thing to write.  How is this acceptable?  Again, this goes back to pride.  Have pride in what you do no matter what it is because that carries over into every aspect of your life.  If you hate your job, chances are you hate your life.  If you love your job then magically everything seems a whole lot better.  Funny.  I think this might be the same thing as mindset… remember that from last week?

What I’m getting at is if you’re going to do something go all out or don’t do it at all.  If you’re going to be a doctor be the best doctor to ever take on the profession.  If you are going to be a parent be the best parent any kid has ever had.  If you’re going to be a teacher be the kind of teacher your students will remember in 20 years.  Are you catching my drift?  Don’t be a mindless worker caught in the rat race.  Wake up everyday with a purpose.  Don’t be content.  Challenge yourself everyday.  Success is not a destination it is a journey.  It should be bumpy.  But it will be worth it.  Nobody has all the answers.  The answer is that you have to take some risks and being willing to fail a few times to find out how you can get to where you want to be.

Oh yeah, and you will HAVE to WORK HARD!

Any time spent complaining about your situation could be spent finding ways out of it.

So don’t complain.

Instead choose to go above what is expected of you ALL the time.  From what I’ve seen over the past twenty-seven years only a small percentage of people in this world ever do.

Be a part of that small percentage and good things will happen.


3 comments so far

  1. Nick on

    Not much better here in Holland. It makes the waiter/waitresses here make the American ones look like superstars. Customer service is not something the seems to be very important over here at all.

    I thought it was a paper towel too. They should have had the Brawney dude as the after picture. haha.

  2. Jason on

    I thought brawney was a paper towel

  3. Walter on

    You have to believe…in yourself… And in Santa.

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