How Is Your Mindset?

Mindset is something that controls your day to day life and affects your decisions.  Have you ever stopped to think if you changed your over-all mindset how this could change your day completely?  You may not realize how much having a positive attitude in a seemingly unimportant event can affect your day as well as the days of the people around you.  Let me tell you that it can AND does… immensely!

Start thinking of a moment in your day where you could have a positive mindset.  Maybe a moment where your working with someone that you don’t have that much in common with – try looking deeper at that person and think of how you can learn from them.  Or think about the way you could make a positive impact on someone else by using your positive energy to motivate them.  For example, I’m a Performance Coach; I interact and coach people every day about training and nutrition.  Sometimes I’ll have a client come in from a long day of work exhausted and really unmotivated.  I look at that person and try to use my positive energy to get them pumped up about the benefits of what they’re doing. I utilize the situation; their gains equal my gains.  Their success is my success.  If I know my positive mindset can help them to become more focused and energized then my day becomes better as well.

Whether it’s work related, or interacting with family and friends, think of ways to look at situations differently to see the positive side of things and what you can gain from them. You may find out that your life becomes drastically better just by changing the way you think.

Remember you can control your life, your actions and your mindset.  Utilize this to the best of your ability.  Because when it comes down to it life is too short to not be your best.  So give your best to everyone around you – it begins with the mindset YOU CHOOSE when you wake up in the morning.


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  1. peteisip on

    Really awesome post man! I find it easy to change the mindset. If you want to feel shitty then you’ll think about all the shitty things in your life.
    If you want to feel good then send those shitty things away and set the focus on the better things. Keep it up man. Always a pleasure reading WED with Chad.

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