Ideas Worth Spreading

For those of you who have never heard of (title of post is in their honor) you should check it out.  There are hundreds of great talks on topics ranging from technology to business to culture that will open your mind to the world.

I’d like to put in my two cents about one talk in particular entitled “How To Live To Be 100+”.  Basically, it raises the idea that we can find the optimal lifestyle of longevity based on the lifestyles of cultures that have the highest rates of centenarians.  In many ways the ideas challenge the American way of life and some things that even I myself believe.  There were a few things that I took from this video.  The most important thing is that it made me stop and re-evaluate how I live my own life.  Could I learn something from these other cultures?  Would another culture be better suited for me?  Or maybe instead of conforming to a culture I could instead adopt pieces of all of these cultures to create my own individual culture – I think I’d call it Chadism.

What I’m really getting at here is that at the end of the day what is important is that you constantly challenge yourself and what you believe.  This goes for everything. Your religion, your way of life, what you value as important, what you do in your spare time, how you treat others or even how you raise your kids (if you have them).  Keep in mind that this is highly individualistic.  There is no one size fits all here.  Just be willing to challenge yourself and find what works best for you.

Obviously the goal of these studies was to find out how to live longer but when you watch this video you will realize that there are many other things being implicitly said. For instance, it is important to value your friends, family and to be sure to spend time “decompressing” on a regular basis.

The video is about 20 minutes long but well worth your time. Also, you can take the Blue Zones Vitality Compass which is a cool little test that tells you your biological age, life expectancy, etc.

Here are my results:
Biological Age = 21 years
Life Expectancy = 95.8 years
Disease-Free Life Expectancy = 81.5 years
Accrued Years = 18.5


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