How Close To Your Goals Are You?


Today is February 3rd.  We are officially 34 days into the new year.  That means approximately 9% of the year is already over.  Are you 9% closer to your goals?

Don’t know?

Then how much does reaching your goals really matter to you?

Still don’t know?

Let me give you a little kick… get your shit together!

In the meantime, here are a couple things I’m up to as well as some of the things I’ve learned that may help you get started…

One of my goals is to make twice as much money as I did last year. My motivation is that if I do, I will be able to invest in myself more this year than last. I will be able to buy more books, go to more seminars or maybe even take a sweet vacation to spend time with the people that I love. I have to admit this is somewhat of an optimistic goal. I definitely envision this presenting its challenges. Even with that said, to date, I am 5% above my goal!

Remember, it never hurts to aim high… you just might surprise yourself and do something you never thought you could do. And even if you come up short I would venture to say you will still accomplish something great.

A second goal of mine is to read at least 6 books on topics relating to personal growth, self-improvement or any other topic that will make me a better person. That is one book every other month. So by the end of February I will need to have read one book. Luckily, I’m ahead of the game and read one book in January. So as I post this I’m off to a great start. Right now, I believe I should accomplish this goal with no problems. However, I still need to make sure I do it. That is why I wrote it down – so I can hold myself accountable. Why? Because while it does matter how I start, it matters even more how I finish. And while I believe I am setting myself up for success, a year is a long time and a lot of things could happen to cause me to lose focus and not accomplish this goal.

So the simplest advice I can give…

Set yourself up for success.  Some goals should be goals you know you can achieve but will still challenge you.  Some should be in place to push you to new limits and test your abilities.

Write your goals down.

Hold yourself accountable.

You can make your goals short term or long term.  I like to think big then break it down into smaller more immediate, actionable items.

For example, let’s say your goal is to lose 24lbs this year (yes, I picked 24 because it will make my life easier!). That’s 2lbs per month or 0.5lbs per week. Doesn’t seem so overwhelming now, does it? Now let’s take that a step further. If there are 3500 calories in 1lb of body fat that means you will need to do something every week that allows you to end each week with a caloric deficit of 1750 calories. Since the last time I checked there are 7 days in a week, you only need to have a deficit of 250 calories per day. That is a much more digestible number (no pun intended). That is something you can take action on now!

You still have 11 months to get back on track if you’re not right now.

Set goals.

Celebrate your success.

And have some fun doing it!


Just in case you were wondering what book I read it’s Jeffrey Gitomer’s
Little Teal Book of Trust  and much like all of his books, it is simple but profound.

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  1. Nick on

    Try the book “Who moved my cheese?” by Spencer Johnson. This is a really short book so you might want to read this during one of your busier 2 month periods.

    Here is a link to the books website:

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