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Do You Give Your Best?

After you watch this video ask yourself do you give your very BEST to:

your Friends?

your Family?

your Significant other?

your Neighbor?


If you said no to any of these maybe you should stop and ask yourself why.



Basketball Story

Imagine you’re a basketball player.  The score is 100-98 and there’s 1 second left in the game.  You’re standing outside the 3 point line with the ball.  What do you do?

Losers say, “I’d shoot the three.”

Winners say, “I run out the clock.”

It’s about mindset.  Winners aren’t winners because they always win.  Winners are winners because even though they will inevitably lose sometimes they always think and believe they can and will win.

Happy Wednesday!


New Year’s Committments

It’s been a while but I’m back for 2010!

So this past week I issued a get healthy new year’s challenge to Jeffrey Gitomer. Now I’m extending that challenge to you!

Offer your words of encouragement to Jeffrey or post your new year’s commitment at The Great Gitomer Challenge 2010.

Here’s to a happy and healthy new year!


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